lunes, 13 de junio de 2011


     In dreams I see you falling into a downward spiral, falling into an infinite rabbit-hole of dry mud and dust. I see your face melting within the darkness as your eyes shine, like two little gems glowing with their own light in a void of blackness. I dream of blackness… and I see you running through endless hallways full of doors without numbers, your shoes tapping hard against the wooden floor, and your dress flying softly as if it were not affected by gravity; not choosing any door, not even looking at the possibility of anything but straightness... you just walk and i follow.
     As i follow you, the hallways turn thiner and the air becomes thick, you keep walking faster and faster as I see you getting farther away, vanishing in a vast ocean of hollowness, as the night eats your silhouette in the darkness.

     The gray sky is full of clouds as I walk through an empty city. I've been walking for a while now, I know I'm looking for you but I can't see anything but empty buildings and streets full of human absence. I'm walking calmly, not rushing, my two feet nailing against the floor with each step I take, watching carefully every empty building, every street, every house that has been lost in memories, abandoned by their owners. There's not a sound in the air, but the sound of air itself and dead leaves crawling on the ground. For a moment I thinkIi see you there, between those two buildings, I thought… I saw you there… but it was just hair floating around, playing softly with the wind. And then... the sea... a calm sea, still, almost dead, awaiting, just awaiting under the gray skies. I approach softly with my naked feet, burning my footprints in the cold sand. Then I stop, watching the sea appearing in the horizon, watching a body appearing in the sea, floating; hands, wrists, knuckles, thighs…floating, swinging in the water. I watch, I just watch for hours the feminine figure swinging softly, like dancing on the water, back and forth, back and forth, waiting to see her face, but her face is blurry. The sea approaches calmly to my feet as I take a step back, turn around and leave, because I know... I know can't touch the water.

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